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11 Years
Mar 12, 2008
Loxahatchee, Florida
For quite a while I've been wanting to raise/host/foster a puppy that would be later used as a Service Dog. I think it's fantastic that these animals can be trained to change the lives of people with needs. Even as a child I enjoyed reading stories about Seeing Eye dogs and others like them.

I think it would be a wonderful experience to have a part in the process by raising a puppy for Service. Having taught school for many years I don't think it would be so heart-wrenching to have to give up the dog when it was ready to graduate. I think I would feel the same sort of pride that I did when my human students were ready to leave my classroom to go on to greater things.

Have any of you ever done this? If so, what are the pros & the cons? Which is/are the best organizations to work with? What costs do they typically cover, how much cost are you expected to bear?

And most of all, can this be done while keeping poultry in the back yard?

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