Thinking of babysitting, what is good to charge nowadays?

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by chicken_china_mom, Jul 3, 2010.

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    I have no car right now to get out and go work like I'd like to, so I figure, since I'm home, and I like kids, why not babysit? I have plenty of space, and childproofing isn't all that hard. My concern is in the yard. My yard is not enclosed, but we also don't have a lot of traffic. The kid(s) would be monitored at all times, so it's not like I'd LET them wander into the road or anything. However, I haven't professionally babysit since I was a kid and charged anywhere between $2 and $5 an hour (payed for nearly everything myself from about age 13 on this way). Keeping in mind that I live rurally (and yes, other people out here do babysit, so I know people WILL drive their kids out here if they really need a sitter), and that the cost of living is less where I am, what would be a proper price to charge? Do I charge more if they have to stay overnight? If I have to provide meals? How do I charge so that I get customers, and at the same time I am also making some money? I'd babysit 24 hours a day just about any day of the week. I think my flexibility makes me a better choice, especially for parents that work on the overnight shift. Any ideas? Or ideas on what I can do to keep kids entertained, BESIDES a television? Cause babysitting or not, I'd STILL need to homeschool my kids, work on my own schoolwork, take care of my animals, and clean my house. Come February I'll be done with my own degree and school, and from there I will have to decide whether I want to start working towards my Bachelor's degree or not. So, after admitting that I haven't really babysit in about 17 years (at least, not professionally or long term), what I do I need to do in order to come into the 21st century? Lol!
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    Take the time to get certified in CPR. THAT will make you marketable.

    Check into some child-care classes. You may already know everything they have to teach, but you don't have that certificate that says you do [​IMG]

    Did you/do you get good grades in math/English/science in school? If so, and you can show transcripts to prove it, you can perhaps offer tutoring for kids who need basic help with their homework. Real help.

    Letters of reference?

    I would easily pay $10.00/hour for someone with these qualifications.
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    Qualified you could get $10 an hour.

    Unqualified you are probably looking at much less.

    Before our kids got older we paid $5 an hour plus a dollar extra per kid.
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    DW & I don't have kids, thus, no grandkids. I love the little buggars...... for a couple of hours at a time, then give me a break & take 'em home. [​IMG] Let's see, I'll charge about $300 an hour. [​IMG]

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