Thinking of Buying these - What do you all think


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Mar 31, 2009
Bucyrus Ks
I found a trio of Barnevelder and a trio of Welsummers.

They are all 4-5 months old. He wants $15 a piece for the trios.

Just thougtht I would put pics up and see if you all thought they looked like good birds.


I'm going to give my outright judgement.

Buy them as layers. They are not show birds and are not good quality, but a trio would go a ways to getting you some fresh eggs. Go ahead and eat the male.
Ya I do not show birds or anything. I am strictly an egg producing farm. But I have two breeder pens where i have my Buffs and RIR so that I can always rotate my stock with young hens and I was just looking for different breeds to add to my collection. I thought they looked a little thin and sad but I thought maybe I could get them healthy. Maybe I will pass.

I am looking for Welsummers. My only girl I had died last night.
Those birds are not in good condition. Take a pass. Birds that unthrifty aren't going to be great layers, don't go there. Hold out for better stock - have you checked on the Welsummer list for people with excess in your state? It's a yahoo group. Check there.

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