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    So I'm going to be doing some big-ish improvements to my coop this spring/summer, including new exterior paint. So I figured since I'm going to be miserable and paint-y anyways, I might like to paint the interior walls and ceiling white.

    My coop is 12x16x8, and has several windows and doors, so it gets a lot of light already. My thought is that a white interior will look nice and clean and make things even brighter.

    I guess my question is should I use interior or exterior paint? Or should I even bother? The only problems I have noticed with moisture are from a leaky roof (now repaired), but the coop is not insulated, and I do live in central Ohio (for those of you unfamiliar with the region, today it was 30 F with snow, tomorrow will be 70 F with possible tornadoes, and that's a pretty normal weather shift at this time of year). The coop is nearing 20 years old, so the unfinished interior wood has darkened a fair amount.
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    Exterior paint for both inside and out. It is much easier to clean and looks much more cheerful if painted!
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    Exterior or I’ve seen some posters indicate using “barn and fence” paint that you can buy at regular home improvement stores. A recent poster used epoxy paint for the interior. Have seen some comments that white interiors can look pretty dirty pretty quickly from the birds (in which case the epoxy paint poster chose well, as the epoxy paint was grey with black and white flecks- almost looked like evenly distributed chx poop! LOL).
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  4. Skip the interior paint... 20 years patina likely means more than a little poop to clean off the walls first. Its been good for 20 years it aint broke don't fix it

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    The interior of my coop is old and gray, and would be a huge project to clean enough for painting. I'd go with exterior painting or staining and leave the weathered look on the inside.
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