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    I've been thinking about expanding a bit...yes, I'm a victim of chicken math. I'd like a flock that has it all, that is, attractive, well mannered, good layers, good foragers and non-aggressive. I had a couple of red sex-links that were pretty much all you could want in a chicken, except just a little ordinary in the looks department. Something got them and a hatchery grade Wyandotte a couple weeks ago. In thinking about replacing them and expanding, I discovered that Silver Laced Wyandotte hens crossed with a New Hampshire rooster will produce a red sex-link. Now the idea of making my own flock of sex links with SLW mommas has a lot of appeal.

    Does anyone else do this? Is a New Hampshire the only rooster that will produce sex-linked chicks with SLW hens? I've got a guy not far from me with some pretty nice looking SLWs. Around here, I would have an easier time coming up with a Rhode Island Red rooster, than a New Hampshire.
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    you can use RIR, Buckeyes,
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    Any red rooster will work, basically.
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    If you want to stay in one breed:

    Common sense on poultry raising, Issues 58-70 By Myrtle Wilcoxon ("Mrs. B. F. Wilcoxon.") 1906, Page 10 .

    BEFORE the advent of the modern egg producing type of bird, fowls reared for the table were from breeding stock which were bred for body size and meat carrying capacity. The Dorking and the White Surrey were the prime favourites at the turn of the century, and from these, and the Light Brahma, the present day Light Sussex is descended.
    Light Sussex. The best commercial table breed of to-day. Producers must watch that the egg laying abilities of this breed do not spoil its table qualities. Rapid growth, with flesh on at all ages. Quick feathering, white flesh and legs.
    Red and White Sussex are two further varieties of this breed that have good table qualities. A cross between Red males and Light or White females is sex linked.
    (Karen: White are rare today, use Light instead)
    Light Sussex hens and Rhode Island Red cockerels is a classic proven successful sex-link. This combination has a nice literary history you can study. very successful over many years. It is notable they say cockerel instead of rooster. Apparently it does make a differnce in the vitality of the chicks? I haven' quite figured this out but classic breeding plans do consistantly make the distinction.
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