Thinning out the Roos

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by enggass, Dec 7, 2010.

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    Mar 8, 2010
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    Ok. So I know multiple Roos in a flock can be problematic... Roos will fight etc... But at what age do you need to begin thinning the flock of Roos? ie. When do Roos get old enough where they begin thinking I am King S^%t and fighting for their own territory? I will be hatching some eggs next Spring, and I plan on keeping one Roo - the one I can determine is the mellowist:) - but when should I begin finding the others homes before they become trouble?
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    If you don't want the roos for any particular purpose then I'd move them out as soon as you can reliably tell them apart from the pullets.

    Mine generally start making pests of themselves in the four to five month range. As soon as they start annoying the girls they get separated.
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    This all depends on the breed. Some flocks can support multiple cocks (as long as we are not talking about games of any kind).

    I generally separate pullets and stags (also known as cockerels) by 12 weeks. The stags are then set free to range wherever they desire: the strongest survive. Around 7 to 8 months I begin to catch them up and either they get penned or cooked.

    Again, if we are not talking Games you might possibly be able too keep multiple stags/cock birds. The number will depend on the number of hens and the space allowance.

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