This chick lost it's toe!

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    Hey, guys, this might sound really weird, but I was taking my baby 3 week old chicks outside, and somehow, one of the chicks sliced half of it's toe off. It was bleeding really bad, and I could see the chick's toe BONE. By that time I was thinking It was gonna die. We put some Neosporin on the toe, but of course that didn't really work, so we tried to rap it up, but then again, that didn't work. So we isolated the chick and it just kept falling asleep and stuff. I though it was over, but then it started calling to it's friends. So I got another chick, and then it was fine. Now it has been a week and he is out with the rest of the chicks, and is acting fine. But I noticed that his whole toe was swelling up. And the toenail fell off. I even feel like he's limping and in a little pain. Otherwise he's acting fine. My friends say to cut off his toe, but honestly, I don't really want to go there.
    What should I do?
    Thanks y'all
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    Ok first of all do not cut off its toe. There is probly an infection. Try seeing a vet to get antibiotics.

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