This chicken had been found "Guilty" of........


Jun 22, 2012

........Feather Picking.

We're not brand new to chickens but have never had such a feather picker. "Omelet" is a 15 weeks old EE. She is one of 6 chicks that we got from a feed store in February. We thought the chicks were going though a juvenile molt but we're not so sure anymore. They all look terrible but she looks as pretty as ever. She has drawn blood in her picking of the other chicks feathers.

We have isolated her...but can only do that about 75% of the time because of the way our coop and run are built and we are also integrating them in with a 3 year old white leghorn.

Have increased their protein....

Have been trying to rehome her but no luck so far.

They have plenty of space, roost, feeders and waterers. We can't free range because of bobcats so they must stay penned up.

Will she ever stop picking? We would like to keep her but she is disrupting the whole flock.

Any suggestions? Thank you.

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