This chicken will ride anything!


12 Years
Jan 9, 2008
Washburn, MO
This little banty roo (Araucana, maybe?) LOVES to hop up on things, no matter what they are. He stayed up on the horse for about 30 mins while he was eating. His name is Chuckles becasue he will come around he barn and if you toss him some feed, he makes a loud chuckling noise. He is SO pleased.

Humans are not safe either!
SO far, he hasn't pooped on far....

(by the way, yes, I know the horse in the pic is a bit on the thin side. He is well over 30 years old! He also LOVES rolling in the mud, as you can tell)
How cute!!
I saw that picture of the horse and thought, "Hum... probably shouldn't be posting a pic of your starving horse"... but 30 years old!
I can totally understand why now! You must take great care of him if he's that old!

And no matter what age, they ALL like to roll in the mud, especially the white ones.
Silver is not only over 30, he is still an active member of the trail string! We only put riders under 120 lbs on him and he only goes on 1 hour rides and only a couple times a day, but he would go out more if we let him! We have another that is 38 that we know for sure.
I can't believe your horses are so calm about it! I guess chickens don't dig their claws in while trying to balance? Very cute pictures!

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