This egg was laid, boiled and peeled all in the same day *PIC*


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using this method (but I put it in ice water at the end and leave it in there for 5 min, making sure there is actual ice in it for the whole 5 minutes) and I didn't bother with the salt

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I keep a bowl of water in the freezer, immediately remove the eggs from the hot water, transfer to the cold water and set in the freezer for 10 mins. Never had a problem peeling. No salt added
Okay - next time I'm skipping the salt then.
In my experience, immersing the eggs in ice water straight from the boiling water makes them easy to peel. We only have a few layers - so anytime I boil eggs, it's with eggs that are, at most, a couple days old.
Not a fan of hard boiled but if you keep a bowl of water in the freezer wouldn't it be called ice?

I'm waiting for today's first eggs so I can give this method a try. I've never tried putting the eggs into boiling water - I guess my Mom never did it, so I don't either. I haven't been able to get a good boiled egg in the year I've had my girls.

Does anyone know if it's OK to boil refrigerated eggs, or should I let them come to room temp?
I've never been a fan of boiled eggs either, but I've found them to be the perfect after school snack for my grandkids. And I've found I even like them if I cook them just right.

I put them in the cool water, bring to a boil, boil for 2 minutes, remove from the heat and let them sit in the hot water for 5 minutes. They turn out not hard, hard boiled but rather perfectly cooked.

I've had issues peeling them and the salt didn't help. I had heard about plunging them into cold water many many years ago and will try that!

I cut them in half lengthwise (like for deviled eggs) and salt & pepper them. The kids love them. And they're a such a healthy snack!

My silkie has recently started laying, so now I have a bunch of little silkie eggs and am wondering how to adjust my cooking time to get them perfect?

I think the kids will love the little eggs!
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I am going to try this tonight. I have read part of the linked thread. I am wondering if the "ladel into boiling water then boil for 14-15 minutes" means timing from the moment you drop the eggs in, or from the time the water starts to boil again? or does it always stay boiling? Also- is the boiling time reduced for smaller eggs? or would that depend on how cold they are- probably both?

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