This gosh darn rooster!!!!

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    Mar 10, 2013
    Ok I had a broody hatch a few chicks. One turned out to be a really stately pea combed Americauna/speckled sussex cross. I planned to keep him. So last night I took my 5, 5 month old chicks to the hen house after everyone went to bed. The timed light comes on at 3 am so I trugged out there to check on them to make sure that they were not killing each other. This darn rooster got attacked by the he attacked them back big time!! I put him in a wire cage so they could only see one another. I went back to bed. In the am I went out and fed everyone, I left him in his cage. This afternoon I came home from the feed store and noticed the hens no longer showed interest in him so I turned him out......He immediately attacked the hens like a cock fight not like breeding way. There was blood so I took him back to the rooster pen. Then it was home sweet home? With roosters? All is well there. The 4 other young hens had no problems, a small peck then they run off, thats it. He seems a bit to aggressive to the hens maybe later things will change when he matures. Funny in the cage he would scratch and alert as if he found them something to eat, but look out he is a fighter.
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    Not a rooster I'd have around. My males are great with my hens, broodies and chicks.

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    Doesn't it figure....The really exceptional looking one. My speckled sussex roo is so kind to my hens (the other one dad) He used to charge me from behind but I started holing him a lot and he stopped that. I had ordered a bunch of speckled sussex roosters and kept the one that I thought was best. I suppose I will have to do this again. I have a variety of hens, I wanted a good dual purpose roo so I could eat the roosters and keep the hens for layers. This new guy is (I thought ) just that. Now if he would act that way toward a hawk I would have something![​IMG]

    This guy is 19 weeks old, americauna/ speckled sussex cross. I like that he has no wattles to freeze and a pea comb...Darn meanie.[​IMG]
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    Maybe keep all the newbies in a pen next to the old ones and let them live next to each other for some weeks before letting them together with lots of room to do the pecking order dance?

    Sounds like they had no interaction at all before you stuck them in there at night?

    19 weeks is full of piss and vinegar

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    In July 2013 I hatched a nice looking RRR roo that I tagged for the hen pen, since the 30 hens only had 1 roo. When he was 4 months old, he wasn't even crowing yet, I put him in the hen pen and he constantly attacked & fought with the young hens and the old hens constantly attacked him. After several weeks of this crap I put him back in the rooster pen with 16 other roosters for about a month. I then put him back in the hen pen and by that time he had matured a bit and was crowing and acted like a rooster was sposed to. So don't give up on your rooster, he'll get with the program.

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