This Halloween… Beware of Mrs. Cuddlesworth!


Fluffy Butt Nut
10 Years
Mar 11, 2009
Long Island, NY
Anyone remember my ramblings about how sweet Mrs. Cuddlesworth was? Well, she isn't sweet anymore. I was holding her and she bit my nose, even drew blood. I was not amused! I think I may change the sign on the gate to read beware of attack chickens!
They can be mean, can't they.
Maybe she has PMS. Do they get snippy as they get older. Red (boys named her) isn't as docile as she was three years ago. She is still friendly but doesn't eat out of my hand anymore and seems a little agressive toward the other hens some days. Belle is the queen bee so it is strange to see Red being bossy and mean.
Yikes! I warn everyone who visits our chickens that they are unpredictable and are liable to peck your eyeball, so look out! I don't let mine get close enough to my face to take a shot.
Aw, Mrs. Cuddlesworth was just expressing dissatisfaction with your current choices of treat material for her. How else is a girl to express herself? A good peck on the nose sure got your attention, didn't it?

(From someone who ran around the run chasing the pullet that snatched the contact lens right off my eyeball!)
Oh I just hate it when I have to work to get them out too!

Yes, Biscuit is available for rent - I can have her delivered by courier - just call.

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