This hansom fellow showed up in my yard today........

Buxton Ducks

10 Years
Jan 16, 2012
Buxton, Maine
Today was opening day for deer hunting so I headed out at 5:30 AM. I returned at 11:00 to find this little fellow being chased around the yard by my roosters. I think somebody knew I keep chickens and dumped this little fellow. Does anybody think he is any specific breed? His tail is very long with the classic rooster tail curve and he has 5 toes like a silkie but light skin color. He is a bantam and no bigger than a d'uccle or OEG. It took me 20 minutes chasing him around the forest to catch him with a fish net. Needless to say, every deer in the area was gone at this point so hunting was done for me today. I got him into the coop and run and he took refuge on the high perches away from the other roos. He has fallen in love with my timid little cochin mix so I guess he gets to stay..... I love roosters so I don't mind.

Here is "Jerry"

I agree ramirez, he must be a mix but he does look alot like and OEG minus the five toes. WooingWyandotte he does look just like yours but with a red pyle coloring. I will accept him as a pretty mix who get to live here for his life now!

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