This is DAY 3.. Can I add MORE EGGS? Ducklings...wanted a few more in


10 Years
Oct 28, 2009
Georgia, VT
I want to add a few it possible on day 3 or will this cause problems at lockdown time? They are pekin duck eggs.... ? Please let me know if you have done this and how?
and what does "LOCKDOWN" mean? It sounds so dramatic...does it just mean NOT openining it for day 26, 27 and 28?

Can I add these extra eggs? I really want to know as I will go do it right now.
I would wait 2 more days.. when I stagger hatches, I try to get at least 5 days between hatches.. It has to do with opening the bator when the later eggs are going to be pipping.. I could go into a long explanation, but I think you are smart enough to figure it out from here..
smart enough? You'd be suprised! hahahahaha!
Thanks for the response. That is helpful. I appreciate it. Uh Oh....I think I NEEEEEED another incubator! It's a disease!

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