This is for all those chicken lovers like me who love to do fun and interesting things with their ch


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Apr 30, 2013
So for all those people out there that enjoy spending time with their chickens heres a place where you can post those fun things you do! Last night it was raining and their was thunder so I brought my chicken, Chicken Nugget, inside and curled up under the covers with him and watched the lightning he ended up sleeping in my bed! LOL


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Apr 29, 2011
What did your chicken do when he woke up? I've often thought about sneaking a chicken in next to my husband while he slept, but wondered what would the chicken do at 6 in the morning? It would probably be pretty annoying and not so cute from my husband's point of view!

Our chicken Foxy likes to lay her eggs in the laundry. I actively cultivate this because I think it's so funny - I often 'accidentally' leave the laundry door open so she can get. If I even dare look at her which she's in there she raises holy hell and runs off in a diva huff to lay somewhere else.

I also once allowed them to dust bathe in a spot where I had just planted some lavender. Guess where the lavender is? It's under the chickens!

They were so happy I couldn't bring myself to stop them.

My husband likes to bring them in and show them to guests during dinner parties. This is often because he is a little inebriated and over enthusiastic. The chicken is rarely pleased!

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