This is How Bold Peacocks are !


Emu Hugger
14 Years
Mar 10, 2008
a bumpy dirt road in Florida

They are so bold that they have control over my emu and will chase them around the yard. LOL..... Unfortunately for the Emu they are not smart enough to quit running back and forth down one part of the fence, so it makes it easy for the peacocks..... Here is Jazzy resting and Slim Jim going through his feathers. Most of the time they enjoy each other.
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It looks like the emu doesnt mind him one bit, if that emu is afraid of a peacock that much smaller than him, he might have had a bad experience as a juvenile, did he ever get attacked by peacocks or do you know?
They all grew up together...... and the peacocks would chase my 2 emu. They have a love hate relationship, but the Emu will not cross the peacocks. The peacocks will even jump up at them and try to peck them in the face when they are being moody. Other times they get along............ it's funny to watch.
Yeah its like my peahen and chickens, she used to get picked on by every single chicken and now that she is bigger than them, she is a terror to them and I'm actually thinking about separating them. The emu is going to snap one day I'm telling you

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