This is Lucky the Lakenvelder

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    Jul 14, 2010
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    This chick is the only one of four that survived. Her name is Lucky and here's why... When I bring chicks in, I keep the brooder in the house because I don't trust outside temperatures and if the light goes out for some reason, I'm wouldn't be aware of it as fast. This little girl decided to wriggle her way out of the brooder while we were gone one day. This in itself wouldn't be a big deal except that we have a little rat terrier dog that would really like to have a little chicken for dinner. We got home to see that there were only three chicks in the brooder box instead of four so we locked the dog outside while we looked for her. I feared th worst. We finally found her behind the entertainment center, sleeping. She is now about 8 weeks old and outside with the big girls and doing great. I'm not sure why we lost the other three other than I've heard that these are very tempermental birds. So everyone.... meet Lucky


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    She's so cute! And obviously lucky. [​IMG] Glad she made it.

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