This is probably coincidental (eggs helping healing a sprain?)

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    I've noticed something very interesting about my backyard pastured eggs, I'm SURE this is coincidental and/or confirmation bias, but the facts don't lie

    On Nov. 11 I ended up badly spraining my left ankle (inversion sprain where the foot rolls to the inside), I felt a "crunch" and was worried I had fractured it...

    I could still walk on it, and had full range of motion, albeit with significant pain, so it wasn't a fracture, it was bad enough that I took the next day off of work sick, and I never call in sick...

    While I was researching sprain care, I read somewhere that eggs have anti-inflammatory properties, in addition to the protein and other good stuff, I ,also figured the extra protein would help with repairing the damage and cellular reconstruction, so I added my eggs to my daily food intake, it was the ONLY change I made food-wise

    On the 13th, I was able to do a half day of work (also, that day, minor bruising at the injury site was observed)

    On the 15th, limping was dramatically reduced,,and I was able to ascend stairs a full step at a time, descending was still half steps

    On the 17th, bruising began to fade, and I could descend halfway down the stairs a full,step at a time

    On the 19th, bruising has essentially gone, limping is nearly gone, staircase navigation is full step both ways

    Today, I'm down to a dull ache, and I was actually able to fold my left leg and sit on it on my office chair with no pain....

    I'm almost back to 100% in about 10 days, and all I did was add home pastured eggs to my diet....

    I've sprained this ankle before, and it took 3 times longer to get to where I am now, mobility and pain wise, and I was a lot younger and more resilient then

    I'm probably reading more into it than i,should, but I've NEVER healed this quickly from a sprain this bad...
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