This is so funny -- a hen acting like a goose!

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    May 10, 2008
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    Lucky, a female goose that we have, is sitting on eggs in one of the chicken coops. Like all female geese, she is constantly using her bill to put leaves, shavings, etc., on her back. Today we watched a leghorn hen, standing about two feet away from Lucky, watching Lucky intently. We sat there very quietly, amazed by how intently this hen was staring at Lucky, but also a bit concerned because this girl is a known egg eater. We were ready to run in and kick her out of the coop if she decided to try to take one of Lucky's eggs from under her. But instead of taking a run at Lucky, the hen started to pick up shavings, leaves, etc. with her beak and put them on her back -- just like Lucky was doing! It was hilarious!
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    Wow! And I always thought chickens were, well, you know.... the "s" word... That proves that not everything is hard-wired into their brains! Too funny! [​IMG]

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