This is why I don't have more kids over!!

I have WHAT in my yard?

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Jun 24, 2008
Eggberg, PA
I want my house to be the kind of place other people's kids are happy to come. I want my kids' friends to feel welcome here.

So, today we're having one of dds friends over. I carefully ask mom last night: Is there anything I should know? Does she have any food allergies? We have a dog and chickens and dd wants to show her how to bake bread in our bake oven. Will she like that?

Mom says very enthusiastically that this all sounds great her daughter will love it!


I go to pick them up at the school with the dog in the car. She refuses to get in the car! It's pouring down rain and we're blocking other people and I don't know this kid (she's 7) but she's not getting in. I tie the dog in the very back and we go.

Then she sees the chickens. OK DH should not have let them out, but he was working on the nesting boxes and he didn't know it would rain so they're all hanging in the garage!

Now she won't get out of the car! No chickens, no dog.

I shoo chickens, lock dog in mud room after some dancing around to manage to do both at the same time.

Bread? No we want bread, we don't want to make it. She agrees under some pressure form dd, but stops every three minutes to wash her hands.

I gave her juice in a lidded cup she managed to spill it all over herself the floor and me.

I can't wait to see her mother's face when she sees this kid!


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Aug 29, 2008
thats why when the kids have their friends over...i hole up in here and lurk on byc!

i recover the house after everyone is gone.


Eye see you...
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May 17, 2008
Here, there, and everywhere...
Quote:I gotta comment on this... And people say that if you homeschool your kids they aren't being socialized! Well here is a prime example of a school kid who obviously isn't well socialized! And it's like, doesn't this mother know her daughter?

Should be interesting to hear what Mom thinks.


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Jul 31, 2008
I used to have a lot of patients with children

now, I dont like them
other peoples children drive me absolutely crazy they make me want to start drinking

I know I sound like an ogre but:

I should not have to tell a 10 year old not to chase my chickens

or not to pull the dogs tail

or to use an inside voice, I am not deaf I can hear you i know kids get excited but man if my children behavied like this at another persons house i would be so ashamed

we are very out doors kind of people and when someone has their child come for a play date this does not mean sit in the house on a computer or a game system when the sun is shining

Picky eaters is another thing, my kids were brought up if thats what was made thats what you are gonna eat. my DD had a friend come over and we made hot dogs and wrapped them in pizza dough had a fun time doing that then baked them just when we were going to have lunch the friend said "O i cant eat that my mom does not let us eat hot dogs to many preservatives" well 20 minutes ago would have been nice to inform me of that. (just to find out that the older brother told her hotdogs were lips and butt holes ever since then she wont eat them)..

wow sorry I got caught up there


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Feb 11, 2008
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When my daughter was younger she had a sleepover and had about 4 girls over. One of the girls was always a handful when she visited but I would lay down the law and she would behave. I know her family was a bit dysfunctional. On this particular sleepover she came up to me with her pill bottles. She had pneumonia! Who drops their ten year old off at somebody else's house with pneumonia?
The mother never said anything to me. She just left her. Of course, I tried to call her family. There was no answer and nobody home. I was stuck with a sick kid for the night.
Yeah I read her mom the riot act the next day, but she didn't see why it such a big deal.


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Sep 26, 2008
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LOL - Kids even surprise their own parents sometimes - so this mom may have thought that her little girl would love all that stuff! Or she may have thought it would be good to send her over to your house to improve her socialization skills. You know how kids are, Just when think you got em figured out , they flip on you!! Ohhh and then they turn into TEENAGERS!!


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Aug 29, 2008
i dont kids are well socialized...always have had tons of friends over..but last summer, my youngest son went to his friends house to play for a while..came home for dinner and everything seemed ok until someone started beating on my door like the cops or something! my son took off and hid under his bed..i opened the door to find a very angry lady who informed me that my son and his friend decided to fill her koi pond with old newspapers and flowers they had ripped up out of her newly planted bed!!!

well of course i drug him out from under his bed by the ankles, made him apologize and then sent him over the next morning to clean up the whole mess..luckily her fish were ok or he wouldve been mowing lots of lawns to replace them.
i just know this lady thinks i have a den of little heathens over here!!!

sometimes kids will totally surprise you with what they will pull, unfortunately.

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