This is why we don't trade outside of our personally known group!!!

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    Lately we have heard and seen disturbing actions by the government in the name of food safety. Wonder why they don’t raid the big boys that have all the food related illness to include 100s of thousands of food poisoning cases per year but tend to spent mega taxpayers $s to raid privet food groups that account for less than a handful of food related illness. It reeks of Big Business trying to inhibit the spread of back to basics groups, which due to their fast growth are cutting into their profits.

    This article gives some very good information.

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    I know that here in TN, starting the 31st, you can no longer sell home canned goods and I believe baked goods at Farmer's Markets unless you have a permit AND someone comes and inspects your kitchen. The permit costs $100. a year and it also costs to have someone come in and inspect your kitchen.

    People are up in arms over this. I LOVE buying the home canned jellies and jams at the Farmers Market. Things are really getting outrageous!

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    You know, at some point, the government just needs to step back and let people make their own choices, especially regarding food. If people know the milk is unpasteurized (for example), then grownups should be allowed to take informed risks.

    We had a guy from the health department show up at one of our farmers market meetings to give us some helpful hints. He was oblivious to the ag department's exemption for meat birds and I had to inform him of it. At some point during the meeting after being repeatedly questioned on ridiculous regulations he piped up with the the comment, "We want your farmers market to work, and we want to work with you. We just want to protect the public." At which point I almost commented if that were true, CAFOs wouldn't exist.

    But figured that would only antagonize the little bureaucrat. As it was he seemed put off that I had earlier educated him.

    He also made it clear he was a regular visitor to the market. I took that to mean "I'll be watching you".
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    My wife is a prize winning cook, baker, and canner at 4 county and state fairs in Cal.. She sold her goodies at a Farmers' Market for years and had standing orders even from fellow sellers. One day someone got sick after purchasing and eating produce at another market ( or so we were told) and filled a law suit. The managers of the market ( where she sold her's) then had everyone to purchase a MILLION $$$$ liability policy and naming the Farmers' market as also order to sell there. The premium was more than my wife made as a profit, so she quit selling. So, to be safe and not be sorry later, check out your insurance policy if you would be covered and/or purchase an errors and omisions/ liability policy. Most of the big brother rules come about due to sue happy get rich quick folk. Our elected representatives then crow from the roof tops that they voted to pass these laws to protect the public to get reelected.
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    Maybe start voting for Libertarians. Even if they don't win people will get the message.
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    If you take a good look at the rules and regs for most home grown, most protect the big guys and try to take out the farmer/producer, not the public. The NPIP program is a good point, if there is a big company that sells chickens the rules are very strict, i.e. WI, but if there is no/small chicken company in the state there is a very loose NPIP regs on the books, i.e. Florida. What i would like to know is why its not the same for everyone.
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    I sure would like to know what loose regulation in FL you are talking about because the regs I was given are to sell one dozen eggs or even one meat chicken I am reguired to follow all the same regs and USDA inspection as the big guys.

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    Quote:I think that was the point.
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    In Wisconsin its illegal to even have livestock. You have to register your land with the government if you have animals on it.

    We have this thing called the NAIS and Premises ID. Your animals are not private property here, the government has to know you have them. You waive certain property rights by registering like search and seizure. They can destroy your animals without compensation if they so choose. You can't ask them to get off your land, they have a right to be there now. There are no exemptions and no recourse.

    Wisconsin took money from the USDA (35 million) to prematurely mandate the NAIS. Of course the NAIS has been scrapped by the feds, but Wisconsin still enforces it. A National Animal Identification System that will never be national, way to go guys.

    But registration is free (for now) so at least they're not charging us for violating our rights, gee thanks.

    By the way, big ag farms do not have the same rules, they get special accommodations.

    Its about big ag and the role they play in national systems of support. It's really hard to control a population that can feed themselves and scratch a living outside of the systems of control. The most dangerous thing you can do is be self-sufficient.

    See this link
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    Wow!! Did NOT know that! I know where I will never move-sheesh!

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