This Mama-dog is nutty!

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  1. Hi!
    I swear, Darby is a 'thing unto herself'.
    Lily-May was born Sunday and Darb is already trying to pawn her off on me to tend!
    She sits next to the puppy box and barks til I come pick up the puppy, then we can all go outside to do 'dog-business'.

    Once she sees I have Lily (outside and in plain sight), she can do her business and check the chickens.

    Another thing I noticed is Darb will not move the pup.
    There have been a couple of times when the pup got worked out of 'the box' and once in a corner.
    Instead of moving the pup, Darb came in fussing for me to come 'fix it'.
    Does that mean she's a 'bad Mom' ?

    There was just a rumble of thunder and she 'forgot' she had a pup.
    The pup will be ok as long as it is warm (hot water bottle) , right?

    As soon as the storm is over, Darb will be calmed down and let Lily feed again (right now Darb is trying to climb me like a tree) --- hopefully!
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    She doesn't sound like the most reliable mother around LOL. I'd maybe think about having her spayed after the pup is done nursing it sounds like she's more interested in being the baby than having a baby of her own.
  3. Hi!
    Darb's definitely due for spaying (she's 2 yrs old and never been in heat before and it kept getting forgotten).

    Lily May is thriving! 12 oz at birth and a whopping 25 oz at 6 days old, yesterday.
    I guess there are some advantages to being a 'single birth' --- even if your Mom is a fruit-loop.
    I came home one afternoon when the pup was 4 days old, and Hubby had Darby and Lily out in the yard on a blanket in the sun.
    They were all just hanging out and soaking up sunshine.
    Hubby says "How many days til Lily opens her eyes and can play".
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    Feb 6, 2008
    Oh, sounds like that pup is a daddy's girl already.. [​IMG]

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