This one is for the Teachers out there!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by CoyoteMagic, Oct 23, 2010.

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    Ladies and Gentlemen, I thank you. I thank you for going to work everyday and dealing with people who could cost you your life. Before all of you who have problems with your childs teacher, administrator or bus driver get up on your high horse, read and watch this video first. Sure this kid was in a school for kids who had gotten into trouble, but before that he was at a regular high school. Could have sat right next to your little Becky Sue or Billy.

    Just think, the teachers that go to this school have no protection other than a handful of security guards and one police officer for 350+ students 99% of having felony records. Security guards don't carry weapons, not even pepper spray. Some of these teachers are so dedicated to helping at-risk kids, they stay here at the school until 8pm for night school courses in this crime ridden neighborhood to work with students who are so bad they won't let them in the day program.

    Don't ask why are they allowed to go to this school, we have to take them up until the age of 21. State Law and your good ol' "No Child Left Behind" legislation.

    Remember the Columbine, West Paducah, Ky, Jonesboro, Ark, even VaTech were not a locked facility with armed guards.

    Remember that next time you think of bad mouthing teachers.
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    My mom was a teacher for 32 years, but she retired in 1980 before the kids lost respect for the adults.
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    Yes there are a number of really rotten teachers out there, but the majority put themselves in harms way each and every day. I work in public transit and we sell monthly passes to a school that is a last resort of sorts for many kids taking a bad path. Those kids have to come in for their student ID's to use the passes, and each and every one of them looks like thugs. Only ONE time has a parent brought them, and that parent was demanding his child be respectful. I really feel for the teachers at that school. Lack of parental involvement these days is at an all time high.

    And I am aware that some very attentive, loving, kind parents have kids that go the wrong the way, however that is not the majority.

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