This person makes me wonder?


8 Years
Apr 17, 2011
Okay, So I have been getting emails, from this person who is interested in my ducks, and I am not sure, she just seems... I dont know sketchy? To me..

Tell me what you guys think.

do you still have the ducks for sale?

me:Yes I do.

Person:dlo you have any mallards? and how old are they?

No, I do not have any mallards. I have khaki campbells 3 of them they are 6 months old.
I have 4 mixed breed ducks( black swedish/buff duck) , they are almost 3 months old.

Person:i am interested in the mixed breed much do you want for them? and where can i go and see them?

This person must not know how to read, because this is my craigslist add.

It says at the top how much they are, It says their breeds, and age.
I have asked this person if they have a proper set up, and what their intentions are. Because in a way, I feel like they have no clue whats going on.
If people can't read an ad or can't take the time to type up a coherent e-mail, I no longer respond to them. I find that in 99.9% of cases, they aren't worth my time, anyway.
Okay, just wanted to see what you guys think, Because I find that this person.. seems very, immature acting? My ad is pretty straight forward.
X2......If people can't speak or write a proper sentence with manners and respect..they get none from me...I typically ignore folks that email me shady garbage.
I'm not exactly sure what they are after, but I think they are fishing for something. I've had very similar text converstations about items I've had on CL. I do phone calls only after the original text.
Well, The guy thati s buying my pekin drake today called me, and got my number.
Usually if they dont ask within the first two emails, I will ask for theirs, but this person just doesnt seem like the kind of person I want my ducks going to.
Okay, thanks everyone! I am going to tell them they are gone. And If they complain I will say it was a first come first serve basis, and they took too long to reply.
Looking at both sides, I agree with what other people have said. If your not happy, dont let them go to this person. But on the other hand, this person may be from a different country and may not understand english too well. They may have also been through many many ads and sent a sort of "generic" message to them all. Im not trying to be awkward, just trying to see it from both sides. Purely because I have dealt with emails like this and it turned out that the buyer was polish and didnt really understand too much English. I delivered the ducks to him and when I got there, the duck enclosure was amazing with many healthy ducks running around. At the end of the day, all ducks speak the same language when they are getting treated well. But again, trust your heart and you can never go wrong. Hope this didnt sound patronising or anything, just wanted to share

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