This rooster is suppose to be 1/2 silkie? Is it possible? photo

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    When I bought my Silkies a few months ago, the guy "threw in," a cute little chick that he said was 1/2 silkie, and hatched with the ones I bought. He has turned out to be more pretty now, but what is he? These pictures are a few weeks ago. I should get a better one.


    ETA: If in fact he is half silkie, does that mean eggs fertilized by him could be silkie?
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  2. TXmom

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    I would say NO. I don't see a single Silkie trait in that boy. If he were part Silkie, he would have black legs/skin, 5 toes, walnut comb, Silkie feathers, crest, feathered legs and feet, etc...I know most of those traits are dominant and would be seen, although probably not all of them. He's a pretty boy, but not a Silkie X.
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    Well that's what I thought ... that there would be some kind of silkie trait visible. But, I know nothing of chicken genetics, and that is why I ask. Thanks.
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    Quote:I agree he isn't 1/2 silkie.. But maybe a crossed up silkie that they didn't know wasn't pure is possible..
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    So, if he has any silkie in him at all, and he fertilized eggs, would they have a chance of looking like a silkie?
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    I don't know very much about chicken genetics either, but I do have a couple Silkies and a Sizzle (Silkie x Frizzled Cochin) so I've learned more about them. I find it all so fascinating, but usually confusing at the same time. I'm about 99% sure you would see the Silkie traits if they were there...they're not all recessive.
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    No silkie in that one.
  8. Sonoran Silkies

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    ...If he were part Silkie, he would have black legs/skin,
    5 toes,
    walnut comb,
    Silkie feathers,
    feathered legs and feet, etc.......

    One thing you need to realize is that with the exception of silkie feathering, these traits are dominant or incompletely dominant, meaning that the silkie parent could have a single copy of the genes and still look like a silkie. However half of her offspring would inherit the allele that is not associated with silkie. And in hatchery quality silkies if is not at all uncommon for some of the silkie traits to be lacking.

    However, for a bird to be missing ALL of them...well, it's possible, but not very likely.​
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    Guess that's a new way of getting rid of a rooster. I'd take him back and put him on the guy's doorstep, ring the bell, and run.
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    I have three sisters whose sire is a Cochin/Silkie cross and mom is a BR, so they are 1/4 Silkie. They are all solid black, all with modified poufs, none have black skin, none have feathered legs (one has one tiny feather stub on one foot, is all). They all have four toes. Here's my Kate, the largest one:

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