This sound like EGGBOUND to you?

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    Apr 18, 2011
    I have a barred rock pullet, Daisy, who has been laying for about 2 months or so.. She lays every day but sometimes skips a day.

    The other day I went to let the chickens out in the morning and heard the "egg song" coming from the coop. I saw Daisy on the nest and assumed she was laying.. But when I came back later there was no egg.

    I came home from work today and found her in the nesting box. She was panting with her mouth open... it was hot today but by this time it had cooled off After a little bit she came out and drank some water I offered her. She looked puffed up and her tail was down. No egg in the box. She went back in the box to sit.

    I am wondering if she is having trouble getting the egg out..???

    I felt all around her belly but didn't feel anything hard. Her vent looked normal to me too. I gave her some bread soaked in vegetable oil and she ate it right up. (I read you can give them oliveoil by mouth) I saw her poop twice and it looked a bit runny but not like yoke.

    I checked on her in the night and she never did go up to roost, she is still laying on the floor to sleep.

    She is just not acting herself. If she is still acting the same tomorrow I will lube her vent and see if I can feel anything in there. Eggbound is the only thing I can think of of why she is acting this way...I may be overreacting
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