This Video Should Brighten Your Day - Meet "Godiva"

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    This video is with me and my Chocolate Turkeys. Her name is "Godiva" and his name is "Hershey". We've only had these turkeys for a couple of weeks...but in that time, Godiva and I have created a bond with one another.

    Godiva likes to greet me when she sees me. Usually after I say her name...she will come flapping her wings and running over to me. Then as I squat down, she will lay next to me. I'm assuming she wants me to pick her up....I try not to pick her up too much because I feel I don't know the right way to pick up turkeys and I can hear her and the tom sound as though they are struggling for air.

    I built a simple one tier perch for them inside the goats pen. They use it at times...I've also set her up with a nest area inside a plastic large dog igloo in the goats pen. I'd like for them to stay in this pen for fear that the foxes will attack them...but they can easily fly out. I'd hate to cut their feathers as that's their way of fleeing from danger.

    We will be having a large perch area built for them with a roof over it...but that won't be for another week to a week and a half. At night, she will fly out on stay on top of the chickens coop and he usually will fly up on the goats shelter. They do get along rather well with the goats. They don't do anything to the goats, but every so often the goats will push them out of their way.

    Eventually, after the large perch is built, we will build another fenced off area for them next to the goats so they can have their own areas. We plan on adding up to 10 more Chocolate Turkeys to our flock in the next year....hoping that our hen will lay enough eggs we can hatch from.

    Well at any rate, here is "Godiva". I apologize for the video, from my phone, not being taken niece forgot. Enjoy.

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