This weekends progress / coop update. (The chicks are in the house!)

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    Well, in a big push to finish enough to get the seven week-old girls in the coop dang near killed me. It was super hot and humid all week and while it seems like there is little change, a lot of painting and trim work was done. My 4-year-old daughter helped me apply some white stain to all the woodwork (some will be painted over with white paint) and yesterday was a big door building and trim work day. I also finished the frame for the run door, but it had a twist from the wood so I have it clamped and weighted to bend the twist out of the lumber. By the cover of dark we finished the last of the hardware cloth to seal the coop at the roof and screwed a piece of wood over the pop-out door as I did not get that far yet. We filled the "big girl" waterer and feeder and added what was left of the shavings into the coop.

    This week shall bring the pop-out door, the small screen door under the coop, and the main screen door with all luck. This weekend I hope to install the hardware cloth to the entire run and let the girls out of the coop!

    I have pale yellow vinyl siding that will finish the coop once the fencing is up. The fencing will be placed over the 2x6 base on the outside to secure the base of the coop. I plan to end the fence just under the siding so there are no sharp edges.

    Well, after a long winded post... here are some photos! Enjoy!


    This door is very heavy! Under the bead board is a layer of OSB and the entire thing is glued and stapled togather with 1" U staples (air gun nailer, not "staples") It feels so solid when you shut it!
    PS... I built this dang door twice, the first one I messed up and cut the beadboard sideways! I was so mad to have to re-do the entire door! [​IMG]

    These are really cool, lockable hasps! They can be left unlocked and still turn to "secure" them shut, but key lockable if wanted. I plan to use this on the run door as well. (PS, these are under $6.00 each)


    Taking some advise here, I have fenced the girls out of the nest boxes until they are closer to laying age.

    Inside the coop, looking towards the run. This is the main vent which will be trimmed out in pine and have two doors, hinged in the middle, that can be closed in the winter. They will be built to match the other wooden doors. I am also planning a second vent panel above the back door to cross vent.

    And lastly, my eve vents. I have a very small ridge vent that I hope can stay open year round. The gap is about 1" and the ridge vent only has openings on each end about 2" round. These vents will each have a wood door flap that can be closed off (four of them) I have an idea using a "box lid strap" to make them adjustable, but we shall see if that pans out. [​IMG]

    So for now, that is where I am at! The girls are happy to be out of thier dog crate brooder! *I think... [​IMG]
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    Jun 4, 2007
    Western MA
    Looks great. Your chickens are very lucky to get such a wonderful home [​IMG]
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    Fyrefighter ~

    The coop is perfect! You've thought of everything you'll need there for hot, humid or brrrrr cold weather. [​IMG] I really like those locks. The outside of the coop and run look very nice. So great to have a wonderful piece of architecture in one's backyard. [​IMG]
    All your hard work has been worth it.
    Aren't Buff Orps just the sweetest chicks?

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    Thanks Carla! I have not insulated it yet, but plan to monitor the coop with a wireless weather station to check temp (norm. / max. / min.) as well as humitity. If the chicks seem to be able to cope with the coop size and my airflow venting without insulation or heat I am golden. I can't wait to get the siding up on the coop, it will look better than my house does!! [​IMG]

    Also to note, the coop is in shade almost all day. It is pushing 90 and humid today in Connecticut. At 5:30p I checked inside the coop and it seemed very plesant inside. Not humid, hot or smelly. [​IMG]

    The girls (one of the BR's) has learned how to get on top of the nest boxes so I guess I need to put the roost in ASAP. If they keep it up, that nest box is going to be slippery soon! Bwahhhaaaaa [​IMG]

    Now to build a super cool pop door... Y'all gonna like this one! [​IMG]
  5. This is super! How long has this taken you? And you didn't HAVE to rebuild that door. LOL I know just how you feel. That would have driven me crazy too. Ugh. [​IMG]
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    Mar 8, 2008
    LOVE it! Great design.
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    May 27, 2007
    St Augustine, FL

    That is a thing of beauty. Great construction.
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    Apr 17, 2008
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    Oooh I love that!!

    Where did you find the lockable hasps? I'm going to need 2 of those. One for the run, one for the barn. [​IMG]

    You did a bang up job! Great work.
  9. I saw those at Wally world today Shellie. I was too cheeeep to buy them. [​IMG]
  10. SterlingAcres

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    Apr 17, 2008
    Poconos, PA

    Well, I'm pretty cheap myself. I like to reduce, reuse, recycle just about everything I can. However, I've got some overly excitable, odd neighbors and would prefer if the barn was locked while I'm inside. [​IMG]

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