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    Oct 27, 2013
    Thank goodness for this site. Our chickens came down with cocci and I wasn't sure how to fix it. we had lost two to it. Called vet and he told me what it was. I then looked on this site and poof there it was. They are now working on recovering. Is there anything else I should do for them besides keeping coop clean ( normally do) fresh water with meds in it.
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    Do you have your chickens on an internal/external parasite treatment plan? Getting the Meds you need before an outbreak is a good idea. Putting together a chicken first aid kit so you have items in one spot for possible emergencies.

    Powder electrolytes
    Powder probiotic
    Vet wrap
    Poultry nutridrench
    An area for separation of ill or injured
    Calcium in tubs
    Food tube feeding kit
    Kay tee baby bird food - for tube feeding
    Empty toilet paper roll with a V cut in one end to use as a hood to calm bird. The V cut allows for it to be put over head and the V will be by wattles throat area.
    Apple Cider vinegar with the mother
    Old blender to make feed into slurry for tube feeding.
    Honey or sugar to reduce tissues from a prolapse
    Preparation H also for vent prolapse
    Neosporin without a "caine" product in it
    Syringes for med measuring with and without needle
    Exam gloves
    Antifungal like miconazole for vent greet
    Dog nail trimmer for feet
    Old t shirts for slings or rags
    Flashlight for exams or night checking of birds
    Magnifying glass to check for mites & lice the bugs can be tiny!
    I have a chicken leash, a small nylon rope that has a loop that goes around wings to allow them to move around for observation or separation. Also so doesn't run off and easy to catch.

    That is just some of the things I have on hand besides injectable antibiotics, vitamins, calcium gluconate. Every one has a different list of things to have on hand for various problems and some don't agree on some of the uses for medications.

    Above all this forum is a wealth of information in old posts besides the awesome people who are so willing to pass on information or give a word of encouragement when it is most needed. Good luck with your Chickens! !

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