Thornless Hybred Blackberry Starts - GA ORDERING CLOSED THANKS!


12 Years
Mar 12, 2007
Alfordsville, IN
Our wonderful blackberries had lots of babies!

Selling bareroot starts for $3 each plus shipping.

Here is the fruit. Starts will fruit the 2nd year. Totally thornless, hearty in northern climates with huge berries.

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OMG, those are beautiful. How hard are they to grow? I assume you would need something for them to climb on right? Like an arbor or fence?? What do you do?

They will bush if you keep them trimmed and they wouldn't need a support. We built and arbor for ours because they're HUGE...we kinda let them get away from us. They're as easy to grow as the wild ones...we just throw some compost on them once a year.
I love my thornless blackberry...the amount of berries you get (and the size of them) is staggering!
I wonder if it is the same hybrid (no idea what mine is) .... the only thing I find irritating about it is the little runners which have thorns...they remain berryless and I so hate weeding them out! Mine is really more a vine than a bush...I have it growing on a trellis!
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Will you have some available in 4-6 weeks? I still have frost on the ground here in WA.

I would love some of those in my garden. I planted some several years ago and they vine very nicely, but the fruit is the size of a small button......:mad: They are also very dangerous, they will grab you and tear your flesh if you get too close.
I don't remember the name of them, but we must have a different variety because ours don't have thorned runners...

pips&peeps :

Will you have some available in 4-6 weeks?

If we still live here
we have a serious buyer on our house. BUT these plants came from the greenhouse in Indiana we're taking even once we move we will have these available.​
I still have 2 feet of snow and it's snowing to beat the band here now
Will you have them available later on or will they "keep" if i have them shipped now?

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