Those asexual silkies....3 1/2 month old splash boy or girl?


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I don't see much wattles or comb yet on this one, so I'm guessing girl, but please tell me if I'm wrong!




see the wispy hair on the back on the crest? Thats a tall tail sign of it being a rooster.. Hens have nice round crests...

Also the body shape and how the tail is shaped. Again hens have nice round puffy tails
For those new to silkies (like ME) can you tell me where that "wispy hair on the back on the crest" is??? I don't see any 'areas that look different to the other parts of the bird....????

I have two silkies and would love some 'signs' to figure out roo/pullet.....
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Generally, a young roo will have wispy longer feathers coming out of the back of the crest. You can kinda see them in the first two pics. Other thing is, this silkie looks "roo-ish". There is just a general sweetness to a pullet, and the roos look more "cocky" Also, those are some mighty big feet. Stocky legs and large feet are sure sign of a roo in young silkies.
I'm sorry to be soooo ignorant...but where is the 'crest'???

I tried to look it up and can't find it on this chart


If it's there, I'm sorry for being blind as well.

also if you have a second, will you click on my page (link in my sig) and check out my silkie and give roo/non-roo tips...thanks

Sorry to hijack the thread, but would really like to know if I have a roo silkie on my hands...

This is an OLD pic of them...they are a little over 4 weeks old now, but this pic shows their body types well (both so different)
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