Those darn chickens- and you too!! Thank you ( I think)

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    May 20, 2008
    It's my 100th post, and I guess its finally time to admit..
    Yes, I DO like chickens.
    I guess I have to blame y'all. All those pictures of the cute chicks, and stories of joy and sadness, well, they finally touched me. I guess seeing things thru everyone elses eyes helped me open mine. Normally, I wouldn't have even read a post about a chicken dying, but today, I found my eyes tearing while reading jjthink's post about her poor Annie and BJ. ME,- tearing up over a chicken.
    And yesterday, I was ohhhh-ing and ahhhh-ing over my little Weeman Roo.. When the big girls are out visiting the neighbors, the little ones like to play in the big birls run. And yesterday, some were in the run, and decided to nap right aainst the fence. Well, the little Weeman Roo was looking thru the fence trying to figure out how to get to his girls. And he couldn't figure it out. So he laid down against the fence so that he was pressing against them, but with a fence between them.
    And I have been listening alot, waiting to hear the first crow.. ( oh, and I did hear a sound like a birthday party horn that I do believe was one of them making an attempt).
    I smile every time I open the coop door and see an egg in the nestbox. Oh, and I even eat the eggs without problem.
    I laugh every time the group of them go running across the yard.. even when they are chasing the cat.
    I feel bad there has to be a "pecking order", and hate to see the roosters challenge each other ( they dont fight too often-mostly they fluff up neck feathers and stare). I feel bad for little Weeman roo- as the smallest of the group, and less than half the size of the other roosters, and hes pretty far down on the pecking order. And to top it off, hes kinda- not handsome. Yet he protects the girls so well and saved them from the neighbors dog..
    They aren't cute little fuzzy ones- havent been for some time now. And even the ugly ones.. aren't so ugly after all.

    I think if it weren't for this site, and you all, I'd still be thumbing my nose at the " dirty mean chickens" , and spending my evenings watching regular ole, very boring and un-funny regular tv. Instead, I sit out in fresh air and watch Chicken TV- educational and very entertaining. And interactive. And free.
    And I spend my workday reading stories of pain, joy.. and looking at pictures of diseases and injuries and really gross pus and blood.. and really adorable chicks, and big chickens too. Oh, I do a little bit of work too.. [​IMG]

    Ah, but the ONE thing- I don't want more chickens. Well, yes, maybe I do.. some of those silky ones, and the feathery feeted ones.. and the ones with the poofy heads, with hairdo's like Einstein...
    But I wont give in to getting more, because I want to be able to enjoy each of the ones I have without being overwhelmed with too many. Cause yes, even though y'all got to me... I do still believe you CAN have too many chickens.

    So , I guess, thanks? I truly hope everyone continues to share their stories, experiences, pictures, etc.
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    Jan 31, 2008
    I'm glad we opened your eyes to the chicken will never want to go back... [​IMG]

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