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    Many time we wonder if we hack sucker tattoo on our head. On monday my father was looking through CL and saw a blue roan yearling,he had a strain ligament and was stated he had to be gelded. Lets say we as a family had a special calling to this horse. my father called yesterday morning and he was told that a person was heading up to look at him,but that person never did so today we now own a hard luck case miniature gelding to be in our barn. he is on the thin side.
    the little one has already been named lil man and has stoled our hearts. we know that it'll be hard work for him to trust us,and training will be longer then normal because of his leg. we own miniatures and know how to halter train and desensitized horses,but what will be the hardest is to earn is trust.
    do we have sucker tattoo to our forehead?most likely,but at least we try to give animals like him a second chance. we know that underneath that skittish shell there is a loving horse that is yearning to be out but is to scared to show himself.
    pictures sadly cannot be posted af the time but I will update his progress.
    but now I would like to welcome a new member to Fairy Farts Farms.
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    Nice story:)
    Glad you are taking good care of him. Yes, it will take time to train him, get him to trust you, but it will be worth it in the end.
  3. miss heny

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    Thank you. I know our last two minis were from a herd that ran wild in the feild, so it was fun to earn their trust.
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    Jul 13, 2013
    Hope it works out with him. My friend got my mini stud from a meat buyer and he turned out to be the best mini stud I've ever owned.

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