Those who keep hogs, tell me about your hog pens. Help please.....

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    I am about to begin building a small, three stall hog house. I remember my uncle and grandfathers hog houses well but they were only made to house one pig intended for slaughter, not a boar and two sows with the purpose of raising piglets. I would like your suggestions, hints, tips, input or pictures would be awesome!
    This is going to be a expensive undertaking so I want it done correct the first time!
    Thank you all so much [​IMG]
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    I raised hogs for many many years but no longer have any. Our Maternity/farrowing pen was 6x10 built off of our main pen that was 24x36 with a three sided house that had gates that could be closed across the front of it. Our male and 3 females all ran together. Water was at the far end of the pen with food on the side closest to my barn. They will poop the farthest away from their food.

    We use to raise Hampshire and Landrace.

    Check out the sister site of this one for more information.

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