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    It is hard to start this! First off, Ken and I are happy. VERY happy. And while I am looking for feed back, not necessarily advice that contradicts what we have already done.

    My step kids mother, Rachel, is a drug addict. Deeply involved in drugs, disappears for weeks at a time. She has a 2 year old child that is half brother to my step kids. Sara, my step daughter, takes responsibility for this child almost 24/7. Sara has called Child Protective Services multiple times to no avail.

    Rachel is dillusional at best - mainly focus on her hatred of me and her obsession with Ken. She makes up stories and tells all Sara's friends (Sara is only 20, by the way). Ken and I agreed that he would no longer take her calls or go to help Sara intervene with her mother. We both feel this is best for our realtionship AND to help Sara know that there is no rescue - get out or deal.

    I won;t go into the myriad of instances where Rachel has proven her instability - too many and too much drama. What I need to try to figure out, is how to get that child away from this woman. She was in jail this past week for possession, and released. We are in CA - that should say enough!

    CPS has been called numerous times and nothing has been done. Sara wants this child to raise. She is not in school and she in unemployed. SIGH!

    Ken and I do not want to raise another child. However, the OTHER choice is not an option. Anyone? Anything? Police have been no help at all. Called several times only to be ignored.

    Again - please refrain from addressing attemtps we have already exhausted.

    Exhaused in Phelan, or Debi.....
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    Wow, I really don't know. Have you spoken to a lawyer? I can't believe CPS won't do anything, that seriously ticks me off!!
  3. debilorrah

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    Quote:Oh believe me it SERIOUSLY ticks me off too. We showed them the drugs! I am really trying to avoid a rant here..... It can accomplish nothing.

    ETA: we have not spoken to a lawyer. None of us have that kind of money, but now that you mention it, there IS legal services through the County..... Hmmmm
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    Debi, I can offer no advice but only (((HUGS))) and I hope things work out best for all parties involved, well except Rachel because it sounds as if she deserves all she gets. [​IMG]
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    [​IMG] I wish I had some words of wisdom for you but I don't. I just hope it comes out good, all the way around, and all parties are safe and taken care of.
  6. debilorrah

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    momma's chickens :

    Debi, I can offer no advice but only (((HUGS))) and I hope things work out best for all parties involved, well except Rachel because it sounds as if she deserves all she gets. [​IMG]

    You know what kills me about this? Everyone deserves a second chance. I was an addict in my younger years and I am just fine now. Knowing this woman, I feel I need to go back and apologize even MORE.​
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    I think a lawyer would be a great start for you also. Maybe he can get something going with CPS. It's sad that nothing is being done about it. Lawyers always know the ins and outs about all this stuff. And most of the time you can find many who will give free advice on where to start at least. Good luck!
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    Oh Debi - [​IMG]

    It is very, very hard to prove a parent unstable or incapable of raising a child unfortunately. Which makes no sense at all since CPS is known to raid homes and take away kids that have no business being relocated, and doing what they do in situations like yours, nothing.

    I would advise finding a lawyer. I know that they are expensive, but maybe he or she could help, especially with the mothers history of repeated drug abuse. Call your county DA and start there. Maybe they can help you with less expensive alternative.

    I hope that you have kept incidence reports of all of her behaviour, whether she was jailed or not, reports made by the child of not eating, being picked up on time, etc. Keep detailed stuff on everything. Prove without a doubt that she is incapable of caring for a child due to her drug habit and inability to provide for the child. Statements from teachers over the child's welfare compared to when they are with her compared to when with you, etc. Take the child to a cps approved and appointed shrink too. Insist on doing and contacting again and again - be the squeaky wheel! I know that they are poo - pooing your calls because they feel that its a jaded call and you are seeking custody of the child. Maybe have an anonymous caller call about the child's situation? A friend or teacher that also has your concerns?

    I know that lots of people on here have been in your situation - I had a friend who worked for CPS and she told me this information when she first started and was frustrated with the system. Prayers sent your way - I know that you are concerned and want to do the best for this kiddo.
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    Quote:Thanks!!! I am really seeking a bit of support. This situation weighs on my mind.....
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    Rachel is enabling her mother. The only way to save the child is for Rachel to call the cops every time her mother goes off the radar and have them come get the child. Not to keep caring for the child all the time.

    Maybe you should have her give them your number as a contact to call to come get the child from the sheriff's office.

    I guarantee this will get CPS on the ball.

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