Thought hen was dead.

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    Jan 15, 2009
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    I have a hen who we thought was dead last night. She has a half dollar size spot where the other hens pecked her. It is dried and hard. We put her in a pet carrier to keep her away from the other hens and placed her in the basement overnight. We were going to take her for necropsy this morning. When we opened the carrier she popped up her head and looked at us. She drank plenty of water. Slow on the eating. What antibiotics do we give her and how? Any antibacterial cream to the site? Her poop is loose/watery. No runny nose or sneezing. We have had some other problems in the coop with pecking. Have given alternatives such as cabbage hanging from string to peck at, increased protein in diet, hay to pick through, etc.. When weather is warmer (>20)we are able to let them out into the barn for foraging. Only snow outside. Thanks for any help. Kelly:(

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    Can't you much but say I'm glad she's alive!
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    I dont think I would give her any antibodic's unless she shows other signs. I'd just make sure she got some good feed and fresh water and some TLC until she perks up..You possibly could just put some neosporin on the place. Good luck to ya hope she's ok!!
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    Make sure the Neosporin does NOT have lidocain or any other pain killer.

    Good luck.
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    Just curious what could that cause if it did? Dont want to make a mistake and use it if its not good. I've never actually used it on chickens I've heard others say you can

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    My understanding is that chickens will kill a sick chicken to keep it from spreading disease to the rest of the flock.

    Your hen may be traumatized from the attack, but you may want to keep a close eye on her. good luck
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    I had a chicken that got caught between a board and the fence. She was on the outside of the fence and the other chickens on the inside of the fence did a pretty good job of pecking on her comb and the other red membranes around her face and ear. I took her to a bird vet and she suggested putting Betadine on the wound.
    However, if it's already scabbed over, I don't think that would be of much help.
    Too bad you couldn't teach the chicken to "play dead" on'd make fortune.

    Hope all is well.

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