Thought I would pass this savings on to Horse owners, Today only !!

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    Anyway for any horse owners that want a super good deal on Equimax a dewormer that also kills tapeworms go to:
    have Buy 6 tubes for $59.70 which brings the price down to $8.53 THEN use Coupon Code ESC22 to get another 10% off your entire order !!! They had problems with their cyber Monday sale or Black Friday sale so are offering the extra 10% for todays orders only. With the coupon it brings it down to $7.67 a tube !!

    Free shipping if you spend $70. They also have the Fenbendazole liquid worme for Goats that people are using for chickens. Although it won't kill the tapeworm,

    Just thought I would pass this along. I called and the Equimax dewormer is dated for May 2013.

    I just ordered 14 tubes for all my guys. Tapeworms are a big thing here is WI and can cause terrible colic and blockage. I use Equimax twice a year.

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