Thought RIR's were noisy and bossy...


8 Years
Apr 27, 2011
Rio Linda, CA
Our Rhode Island Red is the bottom of the pecking order out of our 3 chickens (all pullets)?: 1 Buff Orpington, 1 Barred Rock, 1 Rhode Island Red.

I've always heard RIR's were mean and noisy, but took a chance and bought one anyway. The other 2 pullets (BO & BR) bully poor Rhodie, sometimes not letting her get to the food or "stealing" her grubs when she scratches up a tasty treat. There's never been any injuries or even feather loss to Rhodie from the other pullets. Rhodie is very quiet and is even a little shy and skittish with us, people? We make food available in several areas and try to give Rhodie extra attention. (I think we need that stuffed bird idea on the perch from another thread)

Anyway, how can this be OR Why is this? Is it because she's a hatchery bird from a feed store or is it just Rhodie's unique personality? And, should I just let the chickens work it out between themselves or intervene?
Each chicken is an individual, even though the breed may have some overall characteristics. Was she an addition to the other two, or did she grow up with them? If she's the new kid on the block, so to speak, that may be part of the problem.
They were all bought from the feed store on the same day - They are 22 weeks old this week.

One thing we noticed is that she is getting friendlier with us as she nears POL. So far, only the BO is laying eggs (since last Tuesday).

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