Thoughts on breeder Gordie Sternweis???

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May 19, 2010
I am thinking about getting some birds from Gordie Sternwies and cant find much info on him or his birds. If anyone has any information on the quality of his birds or pictures, it would be great. I am thinking about getting his largefowl RIR and barred rocks but feel free to post about other breeds.
Somebody has to know this guy. I know there was a thread going a few years ago about his birds.
If it's who I think it is, he is a good guy. He went by "Gordie" on Eggbid. I bought Polish eggs from him years ago and they were nice.
I do know Gordie but he rather NOT deal with any of the BYCers. Sorry folks, he is not selling to any of us. :-( We have to respect his wishes. I know it was going badly for him in the last thread but crap happens.
I would not lie to him if I were you. His trust is much more important than lying about it. Sure he might not but if he does find out, he may or may not trust you or sell you any more birds. It's sad it had to happen and alot of good breeders going underground or rather not deal with BYC members.

However if you know if he joined in some breed clubs, you can tell him that you found him in (breed name) website and wanted to know if he has some for sale. I do remember he has not had that many birds like he used to. Sad, isn't it? He got some good birds.

Once in a while you can find him in flea markets or poultry auctions or poultry shows that he likes to visit. One day you guys will catch him and he probably would do business with you. He has been a wonderful guy and I've bought eggs and birds from him and they were all excellent! Just ask around if anyone knows him and where you can catch him.

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