Thoughts on disinfecting porous surfaces???

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    Jan 14, 2012
    There are different thoughts on disinfecting porous surfaces such as wood. The thought is that bleach will kill the surface contamination and allow faster regrowth because the natural ecology of organisms had been put out of balance allowing the most vigilant and fastest to take over.

    A lot of new guidelines for mold clean up say the use of biocides (i.e. chlorine bleach) is not recommended except under special circumstances and would think the same goes for germs and bacteria.

    I am hoping to open a dialog on proper treatments of wood and other surfaces.
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    Good question, I don't know what would be an alternative to a biocide. Oxine is probably a biocide, right? But if an antibacterial is used (a cleaner that is more selective), it may promote resistant strains of bacteria. Any microbiologists out there?
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    What about high temperature steam?

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