Three 12-week High Percentage longtail ONAGADORI Chicks! ~Northern California~

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    Dec 31, 2013
    I have three high quality high percentage Onagadori 12-week old chicks for sale. two males and one female.
    These birds are great for your kids to raise. Your kids will want to get these birds to grow the longest tails possible and there are so many factors that will distinguish how long your roosters tails will grow... Diet, excersize, housing, and keeping hens out of sight of the roosters are only a few factors of how long their tails will get

    No phoenix blood in them

    The gold Rooster pictured (Cricket) is going for 45$

    he is a total sweetheart and loves being cuddled. he's an easy favorite. he has a winning personality and beautiful coloring and will follow you anywhere.
    (Injured, looking for new home, free, won't be shipped see rehoming post: )

    The second bird (silver) is also a rooster (LittleFoot) he'll be for 40$

    LittleFoot is friendly and likes to eat out of your hand.

    The last Pictured (silver) is a hen (BuckBeak) for 50$

    she is friendly and has a bold personality

    all three of these birds have been handled daily and feed from hand to help tame them.

    (i'm sorry but the pics didn't load quite in order although I think I'm lucky I could load them at all!)

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    Apr 24, 2014
    Still interested in Cricket. Please try to contact me.

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