Three 6ish week old chicks suddenly not standing, flopping

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    I have some BCMs in a stock tank in the garage that range from 6-8 weeks old that are suddenly not standing and flopping around. I ordered them from another BYCer, got them in the mail and they were mixed age (1 week old - 6 weeks old i think). Since being at my house for the past 5ish weeks, they haven't been exposed to any other chickens or fowl. What's going on? i'll try to go get some pics and post them.
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    With the floppiness and their age, Marek's is a possibility. They could have gotten it from where they came from or from your chickens, if your other chickens were not hatched at home or bought as day olds from a nursery.

    If they came with it, the seller may have no idea she has it -if she does.

    I would also keep looking for other reasons because other ailments can look like Marek's. Are they eating and drinking?
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    Add vitamin supplement to their water asap. Make sure they are receiving chick food and not laying crumbles or other scratch type food. Some neurological symptoms can present from a vitamin deficiency as well as something like Marek's.

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