Three Ancona Drakes and a Hen white Pekin Cross Kaki Campbell Need a Good Home

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    Apr 26, 2014
    I have three Ancona drakes that need a good home. I would love to keep them but unfortunately my other drakes keep biting them. As for the hen, she was always like a mother to the Anconas but every time they go near her, the other drakes "clobber" them. The Anconas are good tempered and so is the hen. They all will eat from your hand, and the Anconas sometimes, if you sit on the ground, will jump up on you and even crawl between your legs. The hens name is Penny, and the Anconas are so hard to tell apart so I just call them the Triplets. I live in Kirksville, Mo, and cannot ship. P.S. I cannot give them to some one who will eat or sell them, and they have to at least try and keep them safe.
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