Three babies in car seats , left in a car at Aldi today!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Discussion in 'Random Ramblings' started by wvgal61, May 20, 2010.

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    Feb 28, 2010
    Troutman, nc
    [​IMG] So I pull into Aldi's today and next to me is a suv running. As I was getting out of my van I notice that there is no one in the front seat, so out of curiosity I look in the back and I see [​IMG] 3 very young children in car seats!![​IMG] I go into the store and tell the cashier and he calls for another. When she comes up I tell her about it (the whole time trying to watch the suv so no one gets the babies) and this lady says" its mine ". I tell her very loudly That you can't leave children in a car it is illegal and not safe , and that someone could take the kids, she says they are sleeping, [​IMG] well I'll just stop here because then I let her have it in front of everyone. Funny thing is no one else said anything about it! More people need to stand up for little kids. She said I just ran in real quick. And I am sure if someone had taken the kids she would have said I just turned my head for a second. Oh yea I said I was stopping didn't I [​IMG]

  2. Drives me nuts for TWO reasons. One, mom is crazy and should take better care of her kids. And two, how sad is it that we live in a society where it is actually possible that someone would want to run off with your kids? [​IMG]
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    Feb 28, 2010
    Troutman, nc
    yea I know, both is a shame you have a good point
  4. *applause* for the ONE person willing to put the childrens safety first!!

    There's a law about leaving the kids... but I think it stipulates a time... like 3 minutes or something... so it's okay to run in and pay for gas for example, but NOT okay to go shopping. I could understand that... if anyone approached your car you could see them and dash out immediately... you can't do that if your in the freezer aisle.

    But still there's another law about leaving your keys in the ignition... I remember thinking No More Warming Up The Car In The Morning when I first heard of it....

    Either way, that's a stupid woman that clearly doesn't deserve to have children... if they're too much of a bother for her then there are thousands of couples who would love to take them off her hands.
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    Yep back in the days before I had a cell phone I had to get a clerk to call for help. Little kid maybe 2 sitting in a car seat screaming hysterically and no adult in sight. But geez a running suv, someone could have hopped in for a joy ride and bye bye babies.
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    When my kids were little like that I kid you not, even if I had to stop for gas, I took the babies, BOTH OF THEM, out of their seats and into the store with me. I NEVER left them alone, not in a car, not in the house, not EVER. It sickens me when people think it's just ok to leave their kids in the car so they can run into a store. From the kids' perspective, if they really had been sleeping when she ran in, and they woke up while she was gone, that's highly traumatic on those children. It can lead to separation anxiety, among other problems, as well as fear of abandonment. It's wrong to do that to kids. In this day and age when kids get stolen on a daily basis you would think people would be smarter and safer, but I guess not. You bring the sleeping kids in the store with you, and you toss a blanket in the cart and let them stay asleep. I did it a million times. It's not that hard to do! [​IMG]
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    The evil part of me would have wanted to move the SUV just a little too watch her freak out, assuming she would have even noticed.

    But the part of me that doesnt want to go to jail might have left a sticky note on her window that said
    "If I had time to write this note and post it on your window...I had time to steal your children."

  8. CoopCrazy

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    Mar 3, 2009
    WHen this has happened to me I just immedialty call the police.. Last time i did so the police arrived before the woman came out of the store and he had taken the kids and placed them in the squad car, she was frantic when she got to the car, thats when the office just strolled over and said " Oh i see NOW your children are important to you" . Lets just say she also saw the inside of his squad car that day...
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    Dec 4, 2009
    I'm just now leaving my kids in the car to go and use a atm(my closest one for my back in in a store)when my 13 year old is in the van, the windows are cracked but the doors are locked, that way if anyone tries to exit/enter I'll know( my kids are 5,7,8,11,13). Never is thier a key left though.
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    A lady here was arrested for doing that. Left her two kids in the car, a person noticed and called the cops. They had time to show up, move the kids, and wait before she came out of the store. They are no longer her kids.

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