Three babies need sexing

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    Oct 4, 2015
    I have two hatched on June 28 (now four months + old). One is full blue Ameraucana named Daisy. The other is from an Ameraucana mom and EE dad, named Venus at first now Zeus. Pretty sure he is a boy. Third baby was hatched on 7/16 (2.5 + months old now). She is a mottled Orpington named Dora. [​IMG] Zeus

    [​IMG] Zeus with mom. He was the only one that hatched out of 13 eggs. Too many broody girls kept smashing eggs. So I bought two more babies when he was a month old.

    [​IMG] Daisy on left Dora on right with Zeus in background.

    [​IMG] Dora

    [​IMG] Dora

    [​IMG] Daisy full blue ameraucana

    [​IMG] Daisy
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    Change Zeus back to Venus, that's a pullet. So is Daisy.

    I'm thinking Dora is a cockerel.
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    agree with donrae
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