Three Barred Rock Pullets, One Black Pullet - 15wks old - P/U Only

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    Mar 10, 2011
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    My landlady recently passed away and our housing situation is sketchy. I have 86 chickens and I feel I need to reduce my numbers some. My husband is against this and is having a fit that I was talking about selling our girls. The girls that I am posting for sale are all against his will, but he has to come to terms with the fact that we can't keep them all when we don't know where we are moving to or when we will be having to move.

    That being said, I have three Barred Rock Pullets I am offering for sale. They are 15wks old and are starting to get some color in their faces, growing wattles and combs but no egg squatting yet. They are hatchery stock. The black pullet was bought with the Barred Rocks and was supposed to a BR, too. She isn't, obviously. She isn't a Black Australorp, her skin is yellow. She may be a prime example of hatchery quality Jersey Giant, but only the tip of her middle toe is yellow on the sole. Anyways, she's been with them from the beginning and I want her to go with them.

    They are still on medicated chick starter and they free range daily. I have not handled them, so they are not friendly but they aren't skittish either. I have discovered that all my girls calm down and get friendly on their own once they get to the egg laying stage so I don't fret over them not being cuddly.

    I'm sorry the pictures are less than great. I was chasing them all over (I had 30 chickens to take pictures of and they all free range) and my batteries were dying. These were the best I got of them.


    Payment to be made via Paypal - [email protected]

    Pick up only - my zip code is 17814.
    I may be willing to meet you for an additional cost.
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    Hi Reyvaughn,

    Looks like someone is outbidding me on the Stars. I am still interested in keeping as much as your flock together as I have room for. I can buy others from you when I see you, if you want. I am working nights tonight in this hurricane, of course. I can pick up these ladies as early as Monday. Paypal payment will be for this and anything else i won....Denise

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