Three, Barred Rocks, Male or Female?


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8 Years
Feb 21, 2011
They are three weeks old:

This is Ugly


This is Penny.

This is Morticia.

Thank you for taking the time to guess!
The first one isn't ugly! They are ALL beautiful and cute!! I think maybe the first one and second MIGHT be a boy... Maybe get a abetter angle on the pics?? Last one is probably a girl. (Not sure though)
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Thank you all and what breed do you think the last one is? We brought home Buff Orpingtons, PBR, and EE. BUT we could have been slipped something special
I bought her from a woman in the country who had a ton of chickens. Thanks for the info again!
morticia isn't a barred rock, she is a girl though. I think ugly and the other barred rock are both girls. (ugly is questionable though bc the head spot is so blotchy...) Risky to go against the grain, I know, but I got baby barred rocks back in september and was on pins and needles for months because mine had large combs that pinked early. Mine are all girls for sure now, and yours look just like mine did. hope this helps.

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