Three chickens in Ireland! Advice please


7 Years
May 27, 2012
Last week I got three new hybrid hens. I'm new to chic
ken keeping and would love some advice about treats to give them etc. and just all round chicken keeping! Thank you
My birds go NUTS over dried meal worms. Simply love that treat more than anything else. I also find they really dig strawberry tops (with some of the berry still on it) diced grapes and Lettuce. I avoid to many table scraps taht arent good for humans (potato chips, mac and cheese etc..) that some of my friends give their birds. I also give a few live worms sometimes after I turn over portions of my garden.

Luck of the Irish to ya'
Welcome to BYC! There's plenty to learn here on the forum. Read through the threads, chat with us and feel free to ask any questions you have.
Hello and :welcome

There is a wide variety of treats you can feed your chickens: yoghurt is a popular one, and almost any kitchen scraps they will love. Cooked egg and chicken are very popular among my birds. :lau

Good luck with your chickens! As long as they've got enough food and water and a predator-proof coop you should be good to go.

Don't hesitate to ask any questions you might have, and enjoy the site. :D
Welcome to the forum from Sunny FLorida I give my birds black sun flower seeds and oats for a treat they also love watermelon especially when its hot They also love to get my wild blueberry bushes they love the leaves. Micki

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