Three chickens.. what breeds are they?!


Jun 1, 2017
I bought three chickies back in December from a local breeder and they were all supposedly three months. She claimed the large black one was an Orpington (I agree with), but then said the smaller black one was a Shumen and the orange one was a Penedesenca. I find these last two claims a little odd since they are uncommon breeds and she was just selling them on Craiglist.

The little black one has feathers on her legs, but not her feet. She is black but a shiny iridescent green at the same time. She is the smallest of the three and has a terrible attitude lol. Her face changes from a deep red to a faint red depending on the time of day. I thought maybe she was a Langshan, but she does not have the U characteristic shape. The only other breed I can find that matches her is a French Black Maran.

As for the orange one, a partridge Penedesenca is the closest looking breed I could find, but even then she is a brighter orange and more orange throughout.

Anyone have any thoughts?

The picture is from right when we bought them at three months. It is the most clear one I have


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Please bear with me, I have a very cheap phone lol but these are the best I could get.. the girls did not like the idea of pictures other than Frannie my red one

The large pic embedded is of the bigger black pullet, my "Orpington".

The smaller black one in the thumbnails has the feathered legs


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