Three Chicks with Hurt/Injured Legs

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    Sep 21, 2016
    I was given three chicks from the staff at Orschelns because they were all very weak and had something wrong with their legs. I run a rescue and they know this so they thought maybe I could save them. So now I have three chicks that are about 4-5 days old and are all suffering from leg injuries. I have posted pictures below of these guys. There is a Buff Orpington, Hamburg, and a Cuckoo Maran. I got them yesterday evening.

    The Buff Orpington is will eat and drink if I move her to her bowls. I believe she is suffering from splayed legs. Fortunately only one leg seems to be affected. It is twisting and she barely bends it. She seems pretty alert though. I am not sure if she can really get over to her food and water that well though. Through the reading I have done I understand some of the treatments for this but I want to confirm that this is what she is suffering from. I am confused as to the different symptoms of a slipped or torn achilles tendon and splayed legs. Can a slipped achilles tendon cause splay legs?

    The Hamburg is still pretty lethargic and I can get her to drink by manually dipping her beak into the water but I have not been able to get her to eat the chick crumbles. She sleeps a lot and is the one I am most worried about currently. I know I need to get her to eat some. I put "Poultry Nutri-Drench" into their water this morning. I am not sure if this has enough nutrients and vitamins for her or not. There are instructions on the bottle for syringe feeding but I was unsure if syringe feeding chick was a good idea or not. Should I be making some sort of food mix that she can eat instead of the crumbles? I believe she is also suffering from splayed legs. Has anyone tried to treat this? If so, what treatment did you use? I know hobbles and leg stents and chick seats are an option but I am looking for some ideas on how to make theses things.

    The Maran is able to hop around pretty well and can eat and drink but is still sleeping a lot. She is unlike the other two and actually holds her leg up kind of at a twisted angle with her toes curled. Could this be a slipped or torn achilles tendon as well? How do I tell? If so, how is that treated? Thanks again for any advice! I am willing to do anything to save these little girls! There is a link to a video as well. I can take more if needed.



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    Regarding the one who's not eating - you could try some hard boiled egg, my chicks used to love it and it's mostly protein, which they need. I would mash it up and put it on their beaks and they went crazy for it. I have syringe fed an adult chicken and it saved her life, but I don't know if it's possible with such a young chick. But I got a pouch of critical care powder bird food (from the vet) and you mix it with water, then syringe feed. Maybe you could try it with an eye dropper? Just be sure to put it on her right side of her mouth, the left side is where the windpipe is, avoid that! I have never had to deal with splayed legs (yet), so I am curious as to someone else's advice with that. Good for you for taking them in! Best of luck! Erin

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